America and War: An Empire or a Republic?

America and War: An Empire or a Republic?We need to completely revoke the authorization for the War on Terror. The War on Terror is a Blank Check which we have been using to “cash in” wherever and whenever we want to drop bombs on someone. Although I would like to see us completely gone from the millennia old never ending quagmire in the Middle East, if we decide something needs to be done where our perceived enemy is not necessarily another Country, it would be far better to configure as follows (this is only an example):

  1. Declare War in Congress on ISIS (for example).
  2. Ask the Country or Countries where ISIS is located to form a temporary alliance with us in order to eliminate them.
  3. If they agree, we work together to eliminate the defined enemy, then leave the area completely.
  4. If they refuse, we Declare War in Congress on the Country or Countries who are harboring the defined enemy.

Using this approach would first and foremost fulfill our obligation to obey Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Secondly, it signs, dates, and fills in the amount of the check (metaphorically speaking). This would prevent the President from taking his big toys and playing with them whenever and wherever he chooses.

The power to go to war can never be placed in the hands of a single individual. The danger of this cannot be overstated and was understood clearly by the Founding Fathers because of the capriciousness of King George. That is why they delegated the power to Declare War to Congress, our direct representatives, and NOT to the President! Make no mistake, there is no such thing as an “action” or “intervention” or “sending a message” that is not a de facto Declaration of War. If a group or country intentionally dropped even a single bomb anywhere in our Country, would we call that nothing more than an “action” or would we call it a Declaration of War?!

There is a very important question we need to ask ourselves as a nation: Are we an Empire or are we a Republic? Do we want Freedom on our own soil or are we obligated to the impossible task of “spreading democracy by force” to every corner of the planet? This is not a rhetorical question!

If we decide that we are still a Republic, we need to stop interfering, policing and attempting to control other countries around the world. If we decide that we are still a Republic, no increase in spending needs to be made on our military. The spending on our military is equivalent to the spending of the next 8 countries COMBINED! Configured as the Republic our Founding Fathers intended, the spending and the size of our current military makes us incredibly strong and we are virtually unassailable, if we bring our men and women in the Armed Services home to defend our soil.

However, if we decide we want to continue this road we are currently on as America the Empire, we need to first amend our Constitution, so that our government has clear authorization for world domination. If we decide we are an Empire, we aren’t spending nearly enough on our military. I would suggest we, at the very least, triple our budget, repeal the 13th Amendment so we can force every young man and woman to spend at least two years of involuntary servitude in the Armed Services, and start building bombs, ships, jets, etc. as fast as possible. That way we will be configured to quickly and decisively “send a message” to any people or country that refuses to submit to our will.

I would hope the wisdom in choosing to be a Republic is as self-evident to us today as it was to our Founding Fathers.

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