America and War: An Empire or a Republic?

America and War: An Empire or a Republic?We need to completely revoke the authorization for the War on Terror. The War on Terror is a Blank Check which we have been using to “cash in” wherever and whenever we want to drop bombs on someone. Although I would like to see us completely gone from the millennia old never ending quagmire in the Middle East, if we decide something needs to be done where our perceived enemy is not necessarily another Country, it would be far better to configure as follows (this is only an example):

  1. Declare War in Congress on ISIS (for example).
  2. Ask the Country or Countries where ISIS is located to form a temporary alliance with us in order to eliminate them.
  3. If they agree, we work together to eliminate the defined enemy, then leave the area completely.
  4. If they refuse, we Declare War in Congress on the Country or Countries who are harboring the defined enemy.

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Gay Marriage and Equal Rights: The Left and the Right Both Have the Wrong Solution

Gay Marriage and Equal Rights: The Left and the Right Both Have the Wrong Solution

The current marriage equality movement within the LGBT community has two important problems in the fight for equal rights. First, it doesn’t actually solve the problem of equal rights and discrimination. Second, it relies on government coercion to force everyone to accept a definition of marriage that some cannot accept, thereby infringing on their liberty.

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Abortion: The Ultimate Human Rights Violation

12 Week Old Human FetusThe right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a foundational principle of our country. Without life, there cannot be liberty or the pursuit of happiness. For those most interested in defending our liberty, the right to life must take the place of most importance when considering our unalienable rights.

Every conception produces a human life. The question of when the life of a human begins requires no appeal to the Bible or any other religious book or belief. The concept of when human life begins is so simple that we learn it long before college. The science is already settled on that question:

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The Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Absurdity of Gun Control

The Dangers of a Standing ArmyWhen you read the intent and reasoning the Founders had for including the Second Amendment you realize two things, 1) we should not have a standing national army and 2) individual American citizens must have military grade weapons to guard against foreign invaders and to guard against a national standing army that goes bad. One of the things that set America apart as a nation when we declared independence, especially compared to the nations of Europe at the time, was that our citizens had the right to the same type of weapons as the British soldiers.

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Liberty, Free Markets, and the Business Owner

Does a Business Owner Have Liberty?When the government mandates who a private business owner must hire, how much they must be paid, and who they must sell their goods and services to, the liberty of that business owner has been taken from them by the government.

An individual should be free to negotiate their wages and conditions of employment before they agree to work for another individual. If they cannot come to an agreement, they are not required to work for that individual and are free to work someplace else or to even start their own business. Their liberty is not infringed upon simply because the terms of their association could not be agreed on. In a free society, you cannot force someone to associate with you.

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The Unintended Consequences of Federal Student Loan Programs

The Unintended Consequences of Federal Student Loan ProgramsThe massive student loan debt that individuals in our country have accumulated is just another example of the unintended consequences that result from ostensibly good intentions.

When the Federal government interferes in the free market by providing or guaranteeing loans, they create a moral hazard that results in a distortion in the relationship between the lender and the loan recipient.

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Obama Immigration Move: Liar, Idiot or Dictator?

Obama Immigration Move: Liar, Idiot or Dictator?The President has said on several occasions that the move he just made on illegal immigration was not possible. He sums it up best with this phrase during a Telemundo interview on immigration reform: “I’m not a king. You know, my job as the head of the executive branch ultimately is to carry out the law.” There are many other examples of this over several years.

I understand there is legitimate debate over the constitutionality of President Obama’s move on Immigration. However, the bigger question, at least for me, is whether the President is a Liar, an Idiot or a Dictator. So, what is he?

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